When establishing a company in St. Maarten, you will need to decide the organization form of your company. The most commonly used incorporation of companies is the Limited Liability Company (N.V.). There are also other legal forms of incorporation on St. Maarten, such as Sole Proprietor, Private Limited Liability Company (B.V.), Partnership Firm (V.O.F.), Limited Partnership (Commanditaire vennootschap), Foundation(stichting), and Association (Vereeniging). This article focuses on the Limited Liability Company (N.V.)

All businesses on St. Maarten must have a business license, with the exception of the one-man (sole proprietor) business owned by people born in the Netherlands Antilles. All sole proprietors who are not born in the Netherlands Antilles need a business license to operate a business on St. Maarten. This means that Arubans born after 1986 also need a business license.

Limited Liability Companies

A limited liability company is a corporate body with shareholders, governed by corporate law and its articles of association.

The incorporation of limited liability companies is done by the execution of a notarial act. The establisher and/or incorporator do not have to be a citizen of the Netherlands Antilles but one of the directors has to be registered on St. Maarten. A limited liability company can have more than one director and needs a business license.

A business license for limited liability companies and partnerships can be requested by sending a letter to the Executive Council of the Island of St. Maarten. The letter must mention:

  1. The name of the business
  2. The name of the owner
  3. The nature and objectives of the business
  4. The investment capital
  5. The place of establishment

The following documents must be submitted to the Department of Licenses:

  1. A letter (in Dutch) addressed to the Executive Council requesting a business license
  2. A copy of the director’s(s) passport
  3. A copy of the director’s curriculum vitae
  4. A copy of your diploma(s) certificate(s) of director (s) (only needed to show certain expertise)
  5. A copy of your police record of director (s) with foreign nationality. (not valid after six months)
  6. The exact address of business
  7. Your present home or mailing address
  8. Your present telephone number

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Source: Chamber of Commerce Sint Maarten, Business License