In response to the articles published as of recent in site and subsequently re-published via, we deny any such allegations as is supported by the court ruling dated September 28, 2018.  The same is visible to the public via our website under the blog section at


Our company’s reputation is the cornerstone not only of how we are perceived in the local and international markets, but moreover in our day-to-day interactions within our community.  To unlawfully and deliberately attack our reputation for the sake of personal or financial gain, is not something that we will cower to.  We remain willing to legally pursue all avenues required, howsoever lengthy the process, as in these recent case, to demonstrate via the justice system that our firm (BrightPath) will continue to defend and distance itself from such slander, for the sake of our firm, our employees, and even more so on behalf of the clients that continue to believe in our goodwill.


#thetruth #fakenews #stopdefamation


Vivian Chamas

Brightpath CEO