About us

BrightPath is a company offering consultancy and professional management services for those interested in starting a business in St. Maarten. Our company’s complete solutions packages provide you with all the resources required to start running commercial operations, and ultimately living on the island, while starting the process from the convenience of your home.

BrightPath is a professional, multidisciplinary team devoted to providing advisory and consultancy services ranging from assistance to start and open businesses, to acquisition of both company and/or household services and products, providing all necessary support to you and yours to get settled in St. Maarten.

To this aim, we have built and business packages for investors (Business Solutions) comprising a number of tasks to undertake throughout all the stages of the process so that both your investment and your stay remain safe, reliable, and most importantly, profitable.

Vivian Chamas Touzé

Vivian Chamas Touzé


Banker and entrepreneur – Graduate in Business Management at Notre Dame de Damur University in Belmont, California, USA.

Vivian started practicing in 2001 as Area Manager of Ameriquest Mortgage Company, in Florida State – USA, where her stood out thanks to her ability to increase sales of financial and mortgage products, reaching a balance between the bank’s portfolio growth and risk mitigation. In 2005, she held the position of Director of Residential Mortgage Lending at Challenge Financial Investment Group, also in Florida State – USA. During her years with the Group, she achieved sustained sales increase on a year-over-year basis, both at the corporate branch productivity level and the credit note resale value on the secondary market.

In 2008, she was appointed Corporate and Commercial Banking Manager at The Bank of Nova Scotia (then ranked amongst the top 10 banks in the world). This opportunity allowed her to develop both the Commercial and Corporate portfolio of the bank, thus promoting and maintaining potential and existing strategic relationships among the public and private sectors.

In 2013 she decided to settle in St. Maarten, where she encounters a high demand for turn-key services involving the public, entrepreneurial and banking sectors.  Framed in an economy with a series of benefits such as a free-trade zone with no annual property/real estate taxing practices, no foreign-exchange controls over Dollar / Euro transactions, among multiple other benefits, St Maarten became the home of BrightPath.

The vision of BrightPath is to create a major community of investors, able to offer more opportunities in different business fields to the country, providing in turn symbiotic and sustainable long-term profitability.