Based on your current situation and reason for desiring to live or stay in Sint Maarten, you may apply for a temporary residence permit. At BrightPath, we can assist you with your immigration needs.

The list below shows the different immigration programs available which you may qualify for and can use to apply for a temporary residence permit:

  • Director
  • Penshonado / rentenier
  • Investor
  • Employer / Employee
  • Intern / Student
  • Cohabitation with Dutch citizen
  • Cohabitation with NON – Dutch citizen
  • Family reunion with Dutch citizen
  • Family reunion with NON – Dutch citizen

BrightPath can assist you with applying for your residence permit, changes to your permit (such as: to permanent) and extensions. Contact us today to assess your case and see which program is most appropriate to you! (if applicable)

For a full list of the documents required by BrightPath to start your immigration procedure, please visit  – Immigration Services General Requirements, and / or ASK BrightPath: What documents will I need in order to have my request for temporary residency in St Maarten processed?