Based on your nationality and type of residence permit for Sint Maarten, you may need to apply for a temporary work permit. At BrightPath, we can assist you with your application.

An employment (work) permit is a legal document granting an employer permission to hire non Dutch citizens to work in a specific function for a specific period of time. Any employer who wants to employ a non-Dutch citizen must request an employment permit from the Department of Labor Affairs. The process for an employment permit takes a maximum of 6 weeks and applications may either be first time requests or renewals/extensions of already existing employment permits.

First Time Requests

The following are requirements for a first time request for a non-national:

  1. A copy of the entire passport
  2. A recent passport picture
  3. Information on the education background of the non-national with copies of diplomas, certificates and reference letters
  4. An off island declaration signed by the employer

For renewal/extension Requests

Employers who wish to extend an employment permit or change an employee will need the following:

  1. Registration form from the Census Office
  2. Copy of the present residence and employment permit
  3. A copy of a valid passport, a recent passport picture
  4. A valid medical insurance
  5. Information on the educational background of the non-national with copies of diplomas, certificates and reference letters
  6. The crib number for the non-national

Requirements to obtain an Employment Permit:

  1. Proof of the labor registration of the current year
  2. Proof of notification of vacancy
  3. Proof that the ad was placed in the local newspapers
  4. Completed application form dated and signed
  5. A copy of the labor agreement which must indicate the salary, duration, working hours and position
  6. Summary form of monthly taxes stating (wage tax/AOV/) receipts
  7. Tax declaration letter (for sole Proprietor ship)

The following persons do not need to obtain employment permits:

  1. Persons married to a Dutch citizen
  2. Persons in possession of an indefinite residence permit
  3. Dutch citizens
  4. Residents 18 years old with five previous consecutive resident permit guaranteed by a parent or guardian

If your organization would like to apply for employment permits or you wish to apply for an employment permit via your organization, BrightPath can assist you with this. Contact us today to assess your case and see how we can help you and/or your organization.

For more information, see ‘Ask BrightPath: Do I need a St Maarten work permit, a residency permit, or both?

Source: Employment Permit Application, Government of Sint Maarten


For BrightPath to render its services it is of the utmost importance that all requested documents must be of good quality and delivered to BrightPath in a timely manner. All documents not in the English or Dutch language (such as a police record, birth certificate or marriage certificate) are to be translated into English by a certified translator and all translations must be legalized. Any costs involved with translation are for the account of the client. BrightPath will not translate documents submitted by the client.

Failure to provide required document and/or to adhere to rules set by the relevant authorities, such as waiting for an immigration procedure outside Sint Maarten, is cause for termination of the Engagement.