Before attending any appointment, it is essential to prepare and to have all your documents complete prior to your meeting, especially when attending a meeting at a government office. Here is BrightPath’s 5 tips on how to make your next visit to the government office a smooth one.

  1. Have patience

When attending an appointment at a government office, often times, depending on the time of your appointment, it may be quite busy and hectic. Therefore, having patience is important have.

Be prepared that you may have to wait a while, in the meantime, bring a book or a magazine, or charge your phone with sufficient battery beforehand so that you can keep yourself occupied while you wait.

  1. Prepare all your documents

This is very important. If all your documents are not prepared, filled in, available, or in order, it will make your meeting and process much longer and inconvenient. You will lose time and may even lose the appointment because you were unprepared. Find out before the appointment what are all the documents that you need to bring and in what condition. Do these documents need to be legalized? Translated? Apostilled? Signed? Etc… Find out as many information as possible about what document is needed and what is accepted. This way you will not have to be coming and going to the office more than once. Time is money.

  1. Do your due diligence

This goes in line with abovementioned point. Do you need to make an appointment at a specific office? Are there specific opening times? Are there walk ins? What is the purpose of your appointment? To which government agency in specific do you need to go to? What will you need? This is all part of preparing in advance and doing proper due diligence. Often times “showing up” does not help, or takes a very long time, especially if it is a busy office or day with a high influx and outflow of persons. Therefore, along with preparing all your documents (point 2), find out where the office is located, who you will need to speak to (if necessary), at what time you will need to be there, and be 15 minutes earlier if possible.

Check out the office’s Facebook page, website, Instagram, and/or twitter account. Nowadays most companies operate online and can often answer your questions via social media. Do your research as much as possible, so that you can be prepared and know what to expect and what is expected of you, this way you do not waste your time and the office’s.

  1. Dress well / Look presentable

In addition to being well prepared, it is important to look neat, clean, and decent. Comb your hair, brush your teeth, iron your clothes, make sure your clothes are clean and do not have any stains, holes or tears. This is simple presence. If you do not look presentable and respectable, often times, unfortunately, many people do not take you serious.

  1. Be polite

Ask questions in a respectable manner. After waiting for long periods of time, it can be frustrating or easy to feel annoyed at the situation. However, do not take this out on other people or the personnel.

Having to deal with numerous clients with different personalities throughout the day can be exhausting, especially if there are many difficult clients, or persons who are unprepared or impatient. Therefore, it is important to keep your calm at all times and be rational. You do not want it that by being upset, you lose your temperament and in turn lose your appointment or turn because you are kicked out of the office.
Be professional and stay calm. Be collected. Breath if you must and be polite at all times. Do not let other’s energy dictate your own.

Hopefully, after having read these 5 tips, your next visit to a government office will be a smoother one.

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