In Sint Maarten, there are several internationally renowned banks available to open a business bank account, each offering different benefits.

To open a business bank account, a business needs to be active and to have all of the required documentation. Each bank has its specific requirements, however, all banks require certain ‘general’ documents for all companies.

Below is a list of the general documents needed to open a business bank account:

  • Articles of Incorporation of the company
  • Excerpt from the Chamber of Commerce
  • Shareholder’s registry
  • Business License
  • Director’s License
  • An original bank reference letter
  • 2 forms of valid identification
  • Address verification
  • Financial statements and/or projections and/or business case

Based on the bank of choice, more documents may be necessary. Once all of the necessary documents have been collected, an appointment can be set with the bank to sign the bank forms. BrightPath takes care of all of this, therefore, the only action needed from the signing authorities is to attend the appointment and sign all the necessary forms.

There is an approval waiting period to process the business bank account, and once the account has been approved, the business can commence using the new account.

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