Our Business Solutions  services are tailored to fit all your business needs with efficiency and affordability. Estimates below for services listed reflect and include all applicable government and third-party fees, as well as those of BrightPath

(#1) General consulting, business incorporation, and applicable government licensing and permits

Starting a business abroad can often be a difficult decision. In order to provide you the relevant feedback and information that you need in order to take this first step in your investment with confidence, we at BrightPath factor general consulting as a key part of the incorporation process.

Our dedicated team of experts will guide you through the decision-making process regarding company structure and positioning in accordance with your projected business needs and the demands of the local and regional markets.


(#2) Corporate, key personnel, and merchant bank account opening services

At BrightPath, we believe in getting it right from the beginning! That’s why we facilitate our corporate clients with the set-up of key banking services, tailored to their business’ demands, inclusive of obtaining merchant services and credit card terminals.

Business bank accounts can be established in the following currencies: United States dollar, Euro, or Antillean Guilder.



(#3) Request and processing of temporary work and residency permits

Because at BrightPath we view business solutions as turnkey, we assist you in ensuring that your investment on the island remains fully compliant with the country’s immigration stay-over laws.

Our team can facilitate with the preliminary consulting as well as handling of temporary residency and work permits, permanent residency permits, as well as in the naturalization process.
Note: economic citizenship programs are not available in St Maarten.


Business feasibility plans and tax services

To further secure your investment, we provide more in-depth analysis with additional services ranging from business feasibility studies and market analysis. Tax-holiday and tax-exemption request services are also facilitated on a case-by-case basis contingent on the long-term economic impact of the venture.


Real estate design and construction

Our in-house architect, and real-estate experts are at your service to provide you with the necessary advice and support in the real-estate selection process, with true and reliable information regarding market costs and availability.


Recruitment and Staffing services

Because the success of every investment is contingent on quality human resources, our team can facilitate with the recruitment of qualified personnel in various fields. You can rely on us for recruitment-to-direct-employ, as well as for temporary staffing services, during the initial operation stages of your project.


We manage the creation and consolidation of your business in St. Maarten, by providing specific services that cater to the needs of your investment. We offer our Business Solutions packages for investors, which consist of various activities needed to be carried out throughout the business process, so your investment and stay are safe, reliable and above all profitable.

Choose the package that best suits you

We group our key Business Solutions into packages, which can be comfortably afforded as we move through the different stages.


We offer more services that are not listed here, for more information please Contact Us.