BrightPath makes it easy for you to start your business in the Caribbean island of St Maarten!

When looking for investment opportunities abroad, the benefits that this unique Caribbean island has to offer have become a major factor when making the decision to expand your business internationally or simply start a new venture abroad. St Maarten offers tax benefits for new investments, and enjoys a fully duty-free status, making the local heavy port one of the largest in the region with opportunities for trade-related ventures amongst others. Additionally, the island does not exercise any foreign-exchange controls, allowing for United States dollars and Euros to freely circulate in the economy.

Creating a registered business entity with BrightPath is relatively easy. We also make sure that in the process, all your required government licensing and business registrations are accounted for. That way, your focus remains only on operating your business. We handle every aspect of the preliminary paperwork – from the drafting of your company articles & memorandums, obtaining certificates of incorporation, requesting and processing your respective business and director licensing along with tax identification numbers, to the registration of the business entity with the local Department of Labor and social insurances sector.

Additionally, we can provide assistance with the opening of your corporate and key-personnel bank accounts in the currency of your choice (United States Dollar, Euro, or Netherlands Antillean Florin) at the bank of your choice. We work in conjunction with both local and Canadian-based banks, and in so doing, can offer you banking solutions that cater to your specific needs. Amongst banking services we facilitate, are new-business financing (specific to real-estate transactions), merchant services, as well as trade-service facilities such as letters of credit and/or guarantees.

Want to start your business in St Maarten now? Here’s a list of what you’ll need to get started:
1. BrightPath “Application for Registered Business Entity” fully completed and signed. You can request a copy by emailing us at
2. Original Police Record (duly translated to English) for all shareholders/directors
3. Two current proofs of address, must be in original form and issued within 90 days or less (utility bills, cell phone and/or bank statements) and coincide in address and recipient information with legalized/notarized stamp
4. Two forms of government issued identification, copy must be in color and legalized/notarized with a stamp

Items can be scanned and submitted to us via email at and subsequently, original documents can be sent to us via overnight mail.

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