There is a lot to consider when moving to a new country. You could be facing any number of challenges, navigating new languages, new climates, and new people.  It can be intimidating and overwhelming. When considering moving to St. Maarten there are many things that you need to think about. Follow this guide of mistakes to avoid when moving to St. Maarten….


  1. Not doing your research! If you choose to move to St. Maarten with or without a company you need to do your research and learn everything you can about the immigration process. There are many questions you should consider. How much money should I have for the first 6 months, 1 year?  What are the fees to apply for residency/immigration? What documents do I need? How long will it take to apply and actually get the papers? Can I be in the country during the process? Are work permits different than residency papers? How long can I stay in the country? There are many questions that you will need to know the answers to before you jump in and move to St. Maarten.  Doing your research will help you make the correct decisions.                     
  2. Getting too much advice from too many people and places.  Many people will have advice for you. Some people have gone through the process years ago and things have changed.  There are people who have gone through the process correctly and incorrectly so their advice might be interesting but that doesn’t mean it is accurate.   Each country of origin has different requirements so the advice might be about another country and might not be the requirements for your country of origin.  You can get overwhelmed quickly by stories of easy immigration and nightmares of deportation. Best to check out the processes from the correct sources.      
  3. Not completing the requirements correctly or completely.  Once you start the process, the requirements and documents are very important.  The number one reason for not getting approved is incorrect or incomplete documents. Having every form and document in order and completely filled out is so important.  You have to have everything that is requested. Every signature in place, one incomplete form or missing document can mean having to start over again. Starting over again might mean that some of your documents have expired and will need to be requested again.  This can make the process twice as long and frustrating. Triple check your documents and all the requirements. Follow this link for more information on the requirements                                              
  4. Thinking the process will be quick and easy.  Nothing about moving to a new country is straightforward.  There are many forms to fill out, many lines to wait in, many documents to put in order and many fees to be paid. Requesting documents from your home country will take time and money.  Documents have a short validity period and might need to be requested multiple times. Immigration can be a hurry up and wait process, meaning you hustle to get everything together and submitted only to be told ok we’ll let you know.  And then you wait to see what is needed next, perhaps fees need to be paid at a different government office and you have to bring the receipt back to the first office. Perhaps you will need another stamp on one of your documents, perhaps its holiday time.   Be patient, stay focused and follow that dream it will happen!                        
  5. Not hiring help to navigate your way through the process.  The best way to avoid the mistakes above is to hire a company to help you through the process. Brightpath will help you every step of the way. While this might seem unnecessary or mean higher costs, it is well worth your time and money. Brightpath keeps open and clear lines of communication. Keeping you informed of the process and what is required every step of the way.  Brightpath specializes in naturalization and immigration and will fill out the forms, guide you in requesting the correct documents and do the waiting in line for you. They know the correct offices to go to and where each step needs to be completed. No guessing or showing up to the wrong office with the wrong forms. It makes the process less daunting and correct from the first submission.   Brightpath can help you from beginning to end. Follow Brightpath on Facebook @brightpathsxm or click this link to their website.