At the moment of making an investment, if you take all your knowledge about it for granted, you would be making a huge mistake that would take its toll on your business. Having a solid certainty about what will happen to your investment not only will slow down your chances of succeeding in your enterprise but also this could entail a total failure.

Today’s markets do not run based on accuracies but on probabilities. Are there markets that are highly prone to succeeding? Absolutely! However, that is actually a high feasibility but not a certain outcome. Now, how can you make sure you have great chances of investing in a particular market? The simplest answer is: with an expert´s guidance.

Experience is viewed as the extended practice which eventually provides you with knowledge or skills in order to achieve a goal. When it comes to the working environment, experience refers to all the knowledge built up by an individual or company in time.

This is why you rather choose to be checked up by a physician with several years of practice in his area of expertise, also you have qualified engineers or architects build your house and you pick that gardener your best friend advised you to hire. Each of them share a common trait: the knowledge acquired throughout years of experience and their results.

If you got lost in The Artic, would you rely on more a hunch or on the sniff of a dog on your side? You may venture on your own but you would basically be working blindfolded. This might turn out just fine it might not. If someone offers you to guarantee your investment 100%, be careful! You may be dealing with a scam, or in the best scenery, with an inexperienced person.

Here at BrightPath we are committed to instruct our business owners who run more than 40 profitable ventures on St. Maarten that they can, for instance, count on up to 75% of success chance at succeeding prior to any warranty. Plenty of dissatisfaction is caused by unclear error probability estimations and thus the lack of a predetermined action plan meant to follow in case such error occurs.

Do not risk your investment… always turn to an expert.

Meet Our Experts

BrightPath is a professional, multidisciplinary team devoted to providing advisory and consultancy services ranging from assistance to start and open businesses, to acquisition of both company and/or household services and products, providing all necessary support to you and yours to get settled in St. Maarten.