What documents do I need to request the Business Solutions package?
How long does it take before I get my company incorporated and my temporary residence permit?

The process for business incorporation, permit and bank account(s) opening will start right upon our service contract signup, assuming the client had previously submitted the requested documents (Application form,  Incorporation package). Typically, we complete the incorporation of a business within 60 days, however, with the inclusion of a bank account, we provision for a period of up to 90 days. Upon completion, the residence process begins, which could also take up to an additional 90 days.

EIt it is worth mentioning that the whole process can take up to 180 calendar days or less, provided that there are no unforeseen delays beyond our control.

Are there any additional charges once your services (package) are contracted?

Our package covers standard business incorporation services that do not require additional operating licenses and one foreign director. Under these terms, there will be no additional fees.

If I have European nationality, do I still need to apply for work and residence permits?

If you are holder of a European Union passport, you can live on the French side and remain any time you wish in St Martin (French side). However, in order to work and own a business on the Dutch side, applying for a work and residence permits is mandatory, as set out by the Netherlands Antilles law.

Note that the Dutch side is a tax-free zone, unlike the French side.

What languages are spoken in St. Maarten?
Official languages of St. Maarten include Dutch, English and French. However, most of the population speaks English, Papiamento and Spanish, in a smaller percentage. There are primary and secondary schools both in the Dutch and English languages.
Are your services exclusive to St. Maarten?

BrightPath can offer its services for some islands of the Caribbean or other countries. For further information, please e-mail us with any inquiry you may have.

What kind of business should I start? How much It will cost me?
Although there are many kind of business you can establish in St. Maarten, the following list shows business that that we consider are in high demand right now, and have a greater chance of success, for a relatively smaller investment. Note figures herein are for estimate purposes only:
Business Type Estimated investment*
1 Real Estate Agency $10,000.00
2 Marketing and Promotions Agency $10,000.00
3 Professional Cleaning Services $15,000.00
4 Elderly Care / Private Care $15,000.00
5 Carwash and Auto Detailing Services $25,000.00
6 Printing and Embroidery Service $30,000.00
7 Dry Cleaning and Laundry $65,000.00
8 Maternal Clothing / Underwear Store $65,000.00
9 Children’s Clothing and Shoe Store. $65,000.00
10 Costume Jewelry and Swimwear Store $65,000.00
11 Donuts/ Pastries/ Breakfast Restaurant $75,000.00
12 Bar/ Club $120,000.00
* Estimated amounts does not include BrightPath fees 
Can I have all the process done if I am currently in my residence country?

Yes. You must send all required paperwork for business incorporation and residence via courier services (such as DHL) so that we can arrange accordingly while you remain in the convenience of your home.

Afterwards, in order to finalize all the arrangements, clients are required to travel to St. Maarten in order to sign the residence permit upon issuance in front of immigration officials at the respective offices.

Are there any lower-amount investment options?

No. Our duty is to protect St. Maarten’s market with clients whose investment can actually lead to benefits for the country. Besides, we can also guarantee a better profitability on your investment.

Do you provide assistance to arrange work and residence permits to independent professionals wishing to work in St. Maarten?

Only if one of our clients or investors in St. Maarten requires hiring a foreign professional, we can provide assistance in arranging the abovementioned permits. Our goal is to generate important investments for the country that will in turn provide work opportunities to local professionals.

Are Brightpath services also available for the French side?

No. BrightPath is a company registered in Dutch St. Maarten and governed by the laws of the Dutch Antilles. The northern territory is French, and its legal framework only applies for inhabitants, workers, and companies of their own territory.

What currencies are used in St. Maarten?

The official currency is the Netherlands Antillean Guilders (ANG). However, the most common currency is the American Dollar. Prices are often shown in both currencies.

French side (St Martin) official currency is the Euro. However, most businesses also accept payments in American dollars.

Do I need a local business partner to start a business in St. Maarten?

No. That is one of the big advantages that the government offers to foreign investors.