Are you a Canadian or United States Citizen looking to buy property in the Caribbean? Consider St Maarten as your best choice!

Participate in our ‪free ‪webinar and learn more about financing options and how you can enjoy the ‪benefits that the rapidly appreciating ‪real-estate market of ‪St Maarten has to offer you.

✓ Duty-free for imports and exports, and no property tax make it affordable for you to furnish or remodel your home per your taste without added taxes for improvements or imports
✓ A steadily growing ‪economy, with new opportunities for ‪investment.
✓ More than 2 million tourists visiting throughout the year, driving up demand for income-generating properties

With a high return on investment, as well as steadily increasing demand for ‪vacation and long-term rentals, plus zero ‪property taxes, take advantage of this informative webinar in conjunction with our strategic partners at ‪Century21.

Topics to be expanded on include:
1. Commercial & residential offerings
2. Projected ROI
3. Corporate & tax structure
4. Immigration benefits
5. Available financing options for US & Canadian residents

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Want to learn a little bit more about our financing options BEFORE you decide to enroll in our free webinar? Here are a few things you should know.

BrightPath can assist with the brokering of your real estate financing needs. We only work with US and Canadian based buyers. Often times, we secure interest rates on 25-year mortgages ranging from 4.5% to 5.0% per year with down-payments as low as 35%. The standard fee is 1.0% of the total amount financed due to BrightPath in two parts – 50% non-refundable up front and balance due at closing.

For the initial prequalification (free of charge), you will need to provide us with the following:

 ✓ Color copy of US/Canadian passport (or proof of legal residence in either country)
 ✓ 3 years’ most recent w2 (full set of tax returns if self-employed)
 ✓ 2 months’ most recent paystubs
 ✓ Copy of trimerge credit report (within 30 days)
 ✓ Evidence of source of down-payment for closing (bank statement, retirement account, gift letter, etc)

Have you considered moving to the Caribbean to live in your new home? We can assist with that too. With BrightPath, you can opt for corporate and/or immigration residency services. For more information, visit our website for the details of all-included fee structures, as well as a list of the required documentation.

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