Based on your nationality and type of visa (if required), you have an allotted time in which you can stay in St. Maarten.

For most visitors, the general maximum stay is 30 uninterrupted days. Dutch nationals and American nationals have an allowable stay of maximum 6 months uninterrupted with a possibility for extension.

Canadians, European Union nationals, Australians, New Zealanders and Japanese nationals have an allowable stay of maximum 3 months uninterrupted with a possibility for extension.

Requesting an extension of stay

Any tourist who wishes to stay longer than their allotted time can request an extension; however, the possibility to obtain an extension can differ for those visa-required travelers.

All tourists who have received an approved extension of stay must have medical insurance valid for the duration of the extended stay.

If you require assistance to request an extension of stay, or to apply for temporary residency in St. Maarten, contact us to schedule a consultation at or call us at +1(721) 526-2771

Sources: Sint Maarten GOV


For BrightPath to render its services it is of the utmost importance that all requested documents must be of good quality and delivered to BrightPath in a timely manner. All documents not in the English or Dutch language (such as a police record, birth certificate or marriage certificate) are to be translated into English by a certified translator and all translations must be legalized. Any costs involved with translation are for the account of the client. BrightPath will not translate documents submitted by the client.

Failure to provide required document and/or to adhere to rules set by the relevant authorities, such as waiting for an immigration procedure outside Sint Maarten, is cause for termination of the Engagement.