Immigration Services in Sint Maarten:  What you need to know

Compliance with the local requirements of the jurisdiction you live and work in is fundamental to peace of mind, and to the long-term viability of your business. At BrightPath, we provide you with the necessary services that you will require not only to start your business in Sint Maarten, but more importantly to remain compliant with the island’s immigration and tax laws – all under one roof.

Some of the immigration services we provide are to facilitate temporary and/or permanent residency under some the following guidelines/criteria:

  • US Citizen Key Personnel –If you are the bearer of a United States passport, and have identified employment in Sint Maarten, the work permit and residency process can be facilitated by our staff at BrightPath. The turnaround time usually ranges from 60 to 90 days for completion, upon receipt of the required documentation. For a list of the required documentation and related fee schedule, write us at


Qualified investors and/or business directors who have made an investment or started a business on the island may be suitable candidates for legal residency in Sint Maarten. The investment requirements vary depending on the respective immigration program under which the candidate would suitably apply. Below are some examples of these programs, as well as those related to their loved ones:


  • Investor – If you have invested in tangible assets in Sint Maarten such as real estate or a long-term fixed deposit account for a minimum amount of Five hundred ten thousand United States dollars (US$510,000.00), you and your family may be eligible for temporary residency in Sint Maarten. For a list of viable real estate options, as well as contact information for internationally rated banks that operate in Sint Maarten, please contact us at


  • Business Director – All business investments must have proper direction and adequate leadership in order to succeed. For this reason, Sint Maarten allows up to two licensed foreign directors to be appointed to the board of a locally incorporated business entity. Such appointment needs to be vetted by the relevant government authorities, and upon approval, a director’s license is granted. With the issued business and director’s licenses, along with the relevant company documentation, we can assist foreign business directors in obtaining the required temporary residency permits in order to legally reside on Sint Maarten. If you are intending to start a business in Sint Maarten, or wish to appoint yourself or another person, as a foreign director to a Sint Maarten incorporation, contact us at


  • Co-habitation Agreements / Family Reunions – If you have family members that legally reside on Sint Maarten, or that are Dutch citizens, we can assist you in reuniting your family on the island. Common-law arrangements between couples are also recognized in Sint Maarten and fall-under co-habitation agreements. This may also entitle you and/or your family to legal residency on the island. For more immigration questions regarding co-habitation and family reunion guidelines, please contact us at

For more information regarding these or other residency programs, write us at or follow us on facebook @brightpathsxm for regular posts and updates on Sint Maarten immigration services. There are many immigration programs, inclusive of student programs that may not be listed in this blog.