We all know that emigrating is hard, but the hardest part is to eventually make that decision. Once you already have made up your mind about it, everything is going to just flow, and it will seem easier to you.

Someone who overthinks the situation for days, months or even years won´t be able to draw a new path and emigrate.

You need to decide whether to leave or stay in your country. You must not enter in a world of doubts which will hold your development back. It is important to highlight that if you keep doubting about your future, you won´t take the right steps to improve your situation even if your decision is to stay.

The human being is not used to changes. Perhaps, many reasons which have made you think about emigrating have become your usual thoughts, without affecting your life pace. By that time, new reasons may come up thanks to the previous ones, and you remember why you wanted to leave before. It is a pattern that repeats over and over.

Once you have finally made the decision of emigrating, you will start moving ahead a brighter direction. You must get papers in order, plan some sales, and evaluate job, business and investment options. You cannot forget the departure date. Your life is going to change, and many people will be at your side helping you.

Don´t doubt it! Meet your family and make the decision… Staying or leaving?