Starting on March 3rd and extending up to March 6th of the current year, our delightful island had the pleasure to proudly host The St. Maarten Heineken Regatta on its 36th edition. During this event, both participants and visitors could enjoy themselves of the all-natural beauty and amusing experiences this place has to offer.

In order to offer you a quick peek into some historical background, here are a couple of facts. This regatta is run by St Maarten Yatch Club Regatta Foundation, which was established in 1980 and it began with 12 entries. Nowadays, around 2500 participants along with 1000 supporting people from 32 different countries are drawn to our island

Weather conditions were superb; with trade winds blowing from the Northeast, crystal clear waters and an ambient temperature of 25┬░C, a perfect scenery was set for participants to perform at their best in this race. Meanwhile, spectators on land had plenty of choices for having fun and relaxing.

The level of racing reached new rates and it even matched that of the international racing standards in both monohull and multihull racing. For participants who enjoy a more leisurely race, a competitive cruising class was offered, which was also well represented. In addition, approximately 70 participating boats were chartered by individuals and companies to be sailed in the bareboat division.

A second highlight in the event was at the moment racers were striving to win the competition while other visitors, locals, sailors and music lovers got to enjoy 4 nights of parties in a row. Both leading local and international artists performed during these celebrations with stimulating music, original repertoires, surprise guest gigs and of course, a perfect ice-cold Heineken.

Now, having read all above, we trust you can clearly picture what St. Maarten offers for both tourists and investors. This Caribbean island is filled with exuberant nightlife along with a successful tourism industry that few others rival and which is boosted by its perfect tropical climate conditions plus the locals and workers┬┤ warm treatment they offer to themselves and to guests as well.

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